The Spring Bank Oral History Announcement

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"Taking a History Lesson"

Mrs. Rima Vesilind, Principal (c), West Potomac High School reads portion of previous oral history, "From Snake Hill to Spring Bank" to Alberta-Hines-Webb, and her sister, Viola Hines-Kargbo (r)

History and Music

Sister 2 Sister

Carolyn Felder, Executive Assistant, Ed Hines & Associates, with Jamie Foster-Brown, Publisher, Sister 2 Sister and Deborah Quander.

Article in Sister 2 Sister, November 2006.

A Presentation

The Temptations: An American Institution

Quander family members and faculty of West Potomac High school, 6500, Quander Road, Alexandria, (Spring Bank) VA, 22307, hold photo and Proclamation, The Temptations: An American Institution that was awarded to the school. (L-R) Deborah Quander, Carolyn Felder, EA, Ed Hines & Associates, William Rhatican, (Retired) Advanced Placement Government History Teacher and Editor, "White House Under Fire", and "The Constitution: Written in Sand or Etched in Stone?", Alberta Hines-Webb, holding photo, Rima Vesilind, Principal, Charles Henry Quander, sitting, Pam Quander, holding Proclamation, Janice Monroe, Asst. Principal, Charles Henry Quander, Jr. (kneeling).

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