The Spring Bank Oral History Announcement

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Pictured (L-R) Michael Pelletier, ROTC, Adrieana McDonald, Charles Henry Quander, Gerry Hyland, Mount Vernon Board of Supervisors, Mayor William D. Euille, Alexandria, VA, Dr. Jack Dale, Superintendent, Fairfax County School Board, Britney Rouse, Dr. Judith Saunders-Burton, great-great-great granddaughter of West Ford, founder of Gum Springs, Alberta Hines-Webb, Viola Hines-Karbo, great granddaughters of Charles Henry Quander and Nyasha Van, WPHS student.

Photo Credit: Adolfo Munoz
West Potomac High School

"When Alexandria, VA. was Part of Fairfax County, VA"

The Honorable William D. Euille, first African-American Mayor of Alexandria, VA makes his speech while Dr. Jack Dale, Dr. Judith Saunders-Burton (partially hidden) and Alberta Hines-Webb look on.

"Abraham Lincoln" Emancipates Charles Henry Quander

Abraham Lincoln, portrayed by Dan Storck, Mount Vernon Representative, Fairfax County School Board "sets free" Charles Henry Quander, portraying his grandfather, the family patriarch and first African-American settler of Spring Bank, VA. In the background are Mayor Bill Euille, Alexandria, VA Vivian Bouleware, Ellen Murray, ( deceased ) and her sister, Florence Wilkins (partially hidden).

A Quander Cousin: Dr. Judith Saunders-Burton and Historic Gum Springs, VA

Dr. Judith Saunders-Burton delivers speech about her great-great-great grandfather, West Ford and her soon-to-be published book, "A History of Gum Springs, VA: A Report of a Case Study of Leadership in a Black Enclave", as Charles Henry Quander reads his "freedom papers". Note "Abraham Lincoln's" hat, the headline, "Lee Surrenders" and the book, "White House Under Fire" (far right) in the background.

Photo Credit: Adolfo Munoz
West Potomac High School

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